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Input: Run-Ahead for Input Latency Reduction2019-10-23

A look at how run-ahead can be implemented to achieve better-than-hardware input latencies in games.

Emulator Design: Cooperative Thread Serialization2019-10-17

Solutions to the complicated issue of serializing (eg capturing save states) for cooperative threads.

Input: Latency Reduction2019-10-07

A simple technique for reducing input lag in emulation.

Emulator Design: Cooperative Threading2019-10-05

Cooperative threading can be used in emulator design to abstract away emulated processor state machines. This article looks at its pros and cons.

Advice: We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants2019-10-01

Words of inspiration for aspiring emulator developers.

Game Bugs: Super Nintendo2019-09-28

A list of SNES game bugs that occur even on original hardware. These false-positives cause trouble for emudevs who don't know about them and try to fix what isn't broken.

Compact Discs: Disc Structure2019-09-27

A look into the data that's stored on CD-ROMs, how that's encoded into CD image files, and a proposal for a more complete CD-ROM archival format.

Audio: Dynamic Rate Control2019-09-25

A powerful technique to keep both video and audio synchronized under emulation.

Cartridges: Printed Circuit Boards2019-09-15

A deep-dive into the issues facing emulators when ROM images omit vital information about the PCBs they are contained on.

Video: Color Emulation2019-09-12

A look into what goes into emulating the colors of different retro gaming screens, and why it's important.

CPU: Arithmetic Logic Units2019-08-28

Example code for emulating common processor status flags on various CPU architectures.